affordable web hosting DDoS protection protected against distributed denial of service

affordable web hosting DDoS protection protected against distributed denial of service

DDoS ( Distributed Denial of Service ) attacks were one reason why the web hosting company Assurance Hosting finally shut down. This domain is now owned by a former customer of Assurance Hosting. It became clear to me that I needed to look for another hosting provider. I needed a reliable provider with excellent technical support and affordable hosting. I had clients with websites under DDoS attacks so I needed a hosting provider who could offer protection against DDoS. Distributed Denial of Service is when an attacker uses many computers worldwide to continuously reload a page or pages on your web site. This can mean many many thousands of page views in a very short amount of time. This overloads the web host server and can eat up your allowed monthly bandwidth within an hour.

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The good news is that I found KoDDOS - a web hosting company specialising in protection against DDoS attacks.
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ddos protection by koddos

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KoDDOS Features:
  • Medium Risk Ddos Protected Hosting
  • High Risk Ddos Protected Hosting
  • Cpanel Control Panel Fully Featured
  • Zend Optimizer and IonCube Loader
  • Prompt & personal support
  • SSH Access
  • Extensive security
  • Unlimited MySQL databases.
  • No overselling
  • Free speech hosting
  • Adult content
  • Fast, uncrowded servers

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KoDDOS have surpassed all my expectations. I had one customer with a heavily DDoS attacked website. KoDDOS specialise in DDoS protection for high risk sites. I was amazed to see that Blacklotus could keep a site running during a very heavy DDoS attack. Once the attackers realise that they can not easily shut down a site they get bored and move elsewhere.
The KoDDOS ticket based support system really is prompt and personal.
I really can not recommend KoDDOS highly enough.